What is Wool Pillow?

What is Wool Pillow?

Wool’s breathable and insulative qualities make it uniquely suited for use in many different products. For thousands of years it’s been used extensively for diverse products including clothing, blankets, carpeting, insulation and upholstery. Wool however isn’t extensively used as pillow filling due to its tendency to clump into balls, making your pillow lumpy and inconsistent.

Viet Nam Polyester Fiber Pillow is made of polyester poly-fill fiber, good quality and cheap price.

Advantages of  Wool Pillow:

  • free of the potentially toxic materials in many foam pillows
  • breathable

Disadvantages of Wool Pillow:

  • many complain of foul odors, particularly in humid environments
  • with use, wool quickly becomes lumpy and uncomfortable (see above photo)
  • not very moldable, does not hold its shape like down or buckwheat hull filling
  • some consider it inhumane


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