What is Micro bead Pillow Fill?

What is Micro bead Pillow Filling?

Micro beads are also called “uniform polymer particles.” You could call them the synthetic alternative to buckwheat hulls. They share a lot of the same characteristics: they promote air flow and they’re malleable as well. Unfortunately micro beads loose their volume and flatten out more quickly than other pillow filling types. They’re also not very good for the environment.

Viet Nam polyester staple fiber can be a substitute for pillow fill.

Advantages of Micro bead Pillow Filling:

  • breathable — keeps cool at night
  • moldable/malleable — it holds its shape and offers good support for your head, neck and shoulders

Disadvantages of Micro bead Pillow Filling:

  • chemical odor and potentially dangerous “off-gassing”
  • no variety of firmness or loft (they’re mostly medium firm, medium loft)
  • short life span — micro beads quickly degenerate and flatten out with use

Viet Nam Pillow


Viet Nam Pillow

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