Polyester Staple Fiber (Solid Fiber RSF/ RSS)

With respect to unique feathers of Solid fibers, this kind of fibers can substitute the verity of other kinds of artificial and natural fibers. in spite the fact that, natural fibers have been adapted with human being in textile, but artificial fibers have found appropriate position in textile industry by lifting deficiencies, improving specifications and decreasing production costs. Polyester Staple Fibers have found better position Among this kind of artificial fibers due to physical, mechanical and chemical characteristics which currently in some industries, Polyester fibers have substituted for Acrylic and Polypropylene fibers.

This solid fiber has been particularly improved in crimpness and carding properties for non-woven process, and it is world-widely used for various applications at the present time.

Regular Solid Fiber with Feather Touch

RSS is the siliconized polyester staple fiber for getting feather touch. In particular, the siliconized microfiber is applied to create the optimized softness for stuffing.

Excellent Utility: RSF is excellent at carding, thus can be widely used in all kinds of processing.

Excellent Soft Feeling: The microfiber with feather touch through silicone coating provide the optimized soft feeling.

Lightweight: Micro denier of RSS provides superior comfort.

Production specs

Luster: SD
Denier: 3/6/10/15
Length(mm): 32/51/64/76
Remarks: Non Woven, Down Substitute, Stuffing

Hollow Fibre Viet Nam

Spinning Applications

Polyester Yarn-Cotton spinning

Non-Woven textile and packaging industry

Dam Construction
Dam Construction
Civil Engineering and Road Construction

Flooring industry

Moquette Production
Machine-woven Carpet Yarn
Floor and Moquette industry
Carpet Yarn Production

Industrial Materials

Various Non-woven Fabric, Filter

Filling: Bedding, Doll, Mattress, Furniture, etc.

Padding: High Quality Padding

Substitute for Natural Fiber: Substitute for Duck-Down