VNFIBER Polyester Staple Fiber is able to substitute virgin fibers and provides high quality hollow conjugated siliconized recycled polyester staple fiber made in Vietnam.

Our main products as below:

  • Recycled polyester staple fiber: Hollow conjugate siliconized/ Hollow conjugate non-siliconized/ Hollow siliconized / Hollow dry, non-siliconized (HCS/HCNS/HS/HD 3D/6D/7D/10D/15D), raw white, optical white.
  • Specialty/ functional polyester fibers, such as: flame retardant fiber.
  • Virgin polyester staple fiber: Hollow conjugate siliconized/ Hollow conjugate non-siliconized/ Hollow siliconized / Hollow dry, non-siliconized (HCS/HCNS/HS/HD 3D/6D/7D/10D/15D), raw white, optical white.

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  • Type: Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber
  • Model number: VNFIBER
  • Use: Fiberfill, Filling material
  • Color: Raw white
  • Style: Hollow Conjugate/ Hollow Mechanical crimp
  • Specs: 3D/ 7D/ 15D
  • Cut length: 32/51/64/76 mm
  • Unit: Kilogram/ Tons
  • MOQ: 1x40ft HQ
  • Loading capacity: 22-23 tons
  • Origin: Viet Nam
  • Place of loading: Hai Phong Port, Viet Nam
  • Brand name: VNFIBER

Hollow Conjugated Polyester Staple Fibers

Polyester Staple Fiber (PSF) has emerged as the fastest-growing fiber amongst all types of manufactured fibers. Polyesters are made by polymerisation of Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA) and Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG). The polymer thus obtained is melt spun and the bundle of continuous filaments obtained by melt spinning is called tow. The tow is subjected to further processes like drawing, crimping, spin finish application and then cut into fixed lengths to get cut fibers almost equal in length to cotton fibers. These cut fibers are known as PSF.

We are a professional manufacturer of recyled polyester staple fiber hollow conjugated fiber siliconized/ non-siliconized/ slick type.

We are proud that we can supply recycle fiber, it’s from PET bottles flakes. By recycling PET material instead of landfilling, we provide a sustainable fiber production to save our earth.

There are two kinds of PET recycle material, one is post industrial waste which come out in manufacturing of PET product, film sheet, lumps waste, preforms waste, fiber waste, PET non-woven fabric waste, polyester garment cloth waste etc. good lumps scrap, clean preforms scraps, clean PET film sheet flakes can be used in fiber production directly; fiber waste, PET nonwoven fabric waste, and polyester cloth waste will be processed into POP corn.

Another (as our current input) is post consume waste, most of post consume waste is PET bottles waste after shredded into flakes/scraps, washed and dry, it is good for fiber.

Hollow conjugate fiber does not only have a hole in fiber, but twist crimp, it can provide the best elasticity among all kinds of PSF.

Our VNFIBER Hollow conjugate PSF is easy to be carded and bring better resilience to final products. Our fiber meets all the requirements for high-quality filling/ stuffing and non-woven products. It has a bulky property, high resilience and light weight which is generated through three dimensional helical structured and permanent crimps. Moreover, silicon adds a feather touch like silky coating to the fibers. It is also known as 3D crimp due to its spiral look. Other names for Hollow Conjugate are HCS, HCNS, and HCSK.

Polyester fibers are most commonly used for home textiles, such as bedding, pillow, comforters, mattress, cushions, sofa furniture, outdoor furnitures, etc...

Product Description

Quality: 100 % recycled PET bottle polyester fiber

Color: Raw White, Optical White

Denier: 3D & 7D & 15D

Cut length: 32mm, 51mm, 64mm, 76mm



Hollow Conjugate Silicon (HCS)

Hollow Conjugate Slick (HCSK)

Hollow Conjugate Non-Silicon (HCNS)


Our fibers are packed in fully compressed bales. Each having an approximate net weight of 270-300 kgs. We can load about  23 M.T. in a 40ft HQ Container.

Flame Retardant Fibers

Permanent flame retardant property is given to the fiber by adding special phosphorous compounds to it in the process of co-polymerization. By combining various merits of polyester in addition to the flame retardant property, the fiber can also be used for various applications.

Product Features

  • Excellent Flame retardant

  • Permanent Flame retardant

  • Easy dyeing

Hollow Fiber with mechanical crimp

Hollow PSF has better loft, recovery and warmth retention property than solid PSF, because there is a hole in single fiber, it can save some air.

Our VNFIBER hollow PSF is easy to be carded and good at bonding with low melting fiber.

It’s mainly used for fiberfill, filtration, padding, wadding, insulation etc.


Hollow fiber is a good and cheap substitute for Hollow Conjugate fiber. Due to the C-Type core in the center of each fiber, it has more bounce properties than Polyester Solid Fibers. Hollow Non Siliconized is a preferred choice for Wadding applications due to high bounce and rough finish. Hollow Fiber is also known as 2 D crimp fiber. Other names are HS, HNS, and HCSK.

Product Description

Quality : 100 % Recycled PET Bottle Polyester Fiber

Color : white, optical white,

Thickness : 7D & 10D & 15D

Cut length : 32mm, 51mm, 64mm, 76mm

Type:   Hollow Mechanical crimp

Application:  Filling, Wadding, fiberfill, insulation, filtration etc.


Hollow Fiber-Silicon (HS)

Hollow Slick (HSK)

Hollow Non-Silicon (HNS)


Our fibers are packed in fully compressed bales. Each having an approximate net weight of 270-300 kgs. We can load about 23 M.T. in a 40' HQ Container.

Color Fiber (Green/ Brown Fiber)

It can be made in form of HCS, HC Dry, Hollow Non Conjugate

Cheaper price without compromising quality


Solid Fiber

Solid fiber’s cross section is round or triangle, and it has over 50 years’ history, the technology has matured. The raw material is mainly POP corn, PET sheet flakes, PET flakes, PET lumps etc.


VNFIBER Solid PSF is good at bonding with low melting fiber to produce wadding, padding, and needle punch nonwoven fabric, and it can be used for carpet yarns too.

Denier:          1.5D-30D

Type:             Solid(round, triangle)

Grade:           Recycle, seimi virgin, Virgin

Color:       white, optical white, super white, color, black

​Cut Length:  32mm-102mm

Finish:           slick, low shrinkage, dry, FR

Application:  Filling, wadding, padding, mat, needle punch, carpet yarns, felt etc.

VNFIBER Solid Fiber

Solid Black Fibers

By experienced technique, and selective raw material, our VNFIBER black PSF defect rate can be lower than 50mg/KG, this is our knock-out product, flame retardant, low shrinkage and dry finish are available, it’s used for automotive main floor carpet, car trunk carpet, car foot mat, synthetic leather, interlining, felt, filtration etc.


Denier:          2.5D-15D

Type:             Solid, Hollow

Grade:           Recycle, virgin

Color:            Black, super black

​Cut Length:  32mm-102mm

Finish:           FR, dry, slick, antibacterial

Application:  Car carpet, synthetic leather, interlining, felt etc.


Micro Fibers

Microfiber is a polyester staple fiber finer than 1.5 denier within silicon finish.

It can be solid or hollow.

The hand feeling is the softest among all kinds of PSF, and it looks like feather down, so we also call it down fiber too.

It’s mainly used for filling in clothes, duvet, comforters, pillow, quilt etc.

Our basic polyester staple fiber, recycle, semi virgin and virgin are available, Solid or hollow, and mechanical crimp.


Denier:          0.8D-1.5D

Type:             Solid, Hollow

Grade:           Recycle, seimi virgin, Virgin

Color:            white, optical white, super white

​Cut Length:  8mm-51mm

Finish:           silicon, slick

Application:  Filling, Wadding