3D 4D 6D*51MM 64MM 76MM Virgin PP staple fiber


100% Polypropylene 3D 4D 6D*51MM 64MM 76MM Virgin PP staple fiber 

*** Fineness: 6D

*** Length:  64mm

*** Color:  Navy Blue

*** Package:  PP Woven Bag 

260 kg pp fiber/pressed bale 

Polypropylene fiber (PP fiber),with polypropylene as its raw material, this fiber is produced by special technology. The products have net-like structure with many fiber monofilaments. It is produced by direct spinning with polymer as the raw material. High tenacity, few defect,  good crimping performance, moderate OPU, low hot air shrinkage, good spin ability, soft and smooth hand feeling, high standards of fiber resultant yarn quality, low yarn irregularity and wide applications.

High modulus and tenacity, low elongation, bright color and good spinnability.

Our polypropylene fibers are in various colors, high quality and various specifications according to customers’ requirement.

Application of Virgin PP staple fiber 3D 4D 6D*51MM 64MM 76MM  






Spinning yarn;


Filling Material;

Non-woven Fabric;


PP/Polypropylene fibers for geotextiles are 100% virgin polypropylene fibers, specially developed and designed for the demanding tasks in geotextiles applications. 


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