Polyester fiber Cleanup

Polyester fiber is synthetic fabric that can mimic the appearance of more expensive materials, such as suede or silk. It’s usually easy to clean, but it’s important to remember that one cleaning method doesn’t fit all polyester objects. Different fabrics require different cleaning methods. In most cases, your situation will involve polyester furniture upholstery, mattress pads, pillows or blankets, or clothing.

Cleaning Polyester Upholstery


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    1 Read the washing instructions on the tag. Most tags on furniture contain codes in the washing instructions. “W” means you should only use water-based solutions. “S” means the fiber can only tolerate solvent-based solutions. “S-W” allows you to use either solvent- or water-based solutions. If you see an “X,” however, you should only vacuum the material.


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    2 Fill a spray bottle with water or alcohol. If your tag is coded with “S” or “S-W,” you can fill it with rubbing alcohol or vodka. Otherwise, you should only use water. Avoid using soap, which can leave a stain on the fabric.


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