Conjugate Polyester Fiber with hollowness

Conjugate polyester fiber, produced by bi component hollow spinning technology of heterogeneous polyester, will be able to meet your anticipation about high quality non-woven and stuffing use with its superior bulky property, high resilience and light weight which is generated through three dimensional helical structured and permanent crimp.

High Bulkiness : Three dimensional helical structured crimp through conjugate spinning provides very excellent bulkiness to the fiber. Hollow Spiral Crimp by VNFIBER is high bulky with big hollowness ratio and round shape.

High Resilience and Durability:  It is good recovery and durability because of the natural crimp. With the high hollowness ratio it can hold a large amount of air to make it a light weight and confortable.

Light and Soft: The hollowness of HCS give it lightweight and natural softness.


Padding: Various Clothes, Padding for Bedding

Stuffing: Toy, Pillow, Cushion, Other Furniture Use

Production specs:

Type: HCS/ HES
Luster: SD
Denier: 3/6/7/10/15
Length(mm): 32/51/64/76
Remarks: Soft Padding/ Stuffing/ Filling

Characteristics of polyester

• Polyester fabrics and fibers are extremely strong.

• Polyester is very durable:

• Resistant to most chemicals, stretching and shrinking, wrinkle resistant,

• Mildew and abrasion resistant.

• Polyester is hydrophobic in nature and quick drying

• It can be used for insulation by manufacturing hollow fibers.

• Polyester retains its shape

• It is easily washed and dried

Hollow Conjugated Polyester Staple Fiber is extensively used in many industries for stuffing

Hollow: It traps the air; gives the pillow forms their loft and shape.

Siliconized: The polyester fibers are coated with silicon. Basically Poly fiber having static charge; its attract the fiber and this causes the fibers to stick together.

Silicon coating allows the fibers to slide over each other.

Conjugate: Conjugate polyester fibers are twisted (technically Crimped), to give extra resiliency and bounce, allowing it to last long and fill pillows up with a strong loft factor (fill power).

Virgin fiber is made from direct Chemicals, or from all new, non-recycled polyester fibers only

Non virgin fiber is produced from the Bottle by recycling (our used PET bottle).