Flame Retardant Fiber FRF

We produce our own polyester flame retardant fiber VNFIBER. High working performances of our FR fiber serve your down-stream processes efficiently. Moreover, it is an environmentally friendly phosphorous flame retardant material that does NOT emit toxic gases in a fire. The excellent self-extinguishing and flame-retardant properties of VNFIBER are durable against washing and dry-cleanings.

  • Excellent Self-Distinguishing and Flame-Retardant properties: Flame retardancy is given to raw material (polymer) itself by adding phosphorous agent.
  • Excellent Washing Durability: Because the flame retardant material is not added afterwards but rather is part of the polymer, the flame retardant properties are permanent.
  • Excellent Dyeing and Stability: FR fiber can be dyed any color and because of uniform dispersion technology, deviations in quality are minimized.


  • Interior Decorating: Curtains, Blinds, Decorations, Seat Covers
  • Bedding: Quilt Interior, Quilt Exterior, Sleeping Bag
  • Garment: Children clothes, Uniforms, Special Work Clothes
  • Filter: Filter for High-Temperature Work

Production spec

Type: FRF
Luster: SB/SD
Denier: 3/6/7/15
Length(mm): 51/64/76

Antibacterial hollow conjugated

By using famous  antibacterial agent, or adding silver antibacterial agent in polyester melt, with permanent antibacterial effects

Hollow conjugate 3D/7D/15D, 32MM/51MM/64MM

Anti-dustmite hollow conjugated fiber

By using bio-based agent, with good anti-dustmite performance after 50 washes

Low Melt Fiber

LMF, which is produced by bi-component spinning of general polyester and modified polyester, can be melted at lower temperature(110~200℃) than normal fiber and bonded with other fibers.

  • Excellent Bonding Properties: LMF provides diverse melting points generated through controlling seath part (modified polyester).
  • Excellent Durability: The bonding strength after being combined with other fibers hold out semi permanently.
  • Easy Mixing Properties with other Fibers: Homogeneous properties between LMF and various Fibers make blending easy on line.
  • Excellent Resilience: The formation of non-woven fabric made with LMF is simple and excellent.


  • Automotive Use: Car-Interior, Door trim
  • Bedding: Mattress, Quilting, Padding
  • Industrial Use: Engineering Material, Construction Material (Soundproofing, Insulation), Filter
  • Hygienic Materials: Hygienic Bonding, Clothing

Production specs

Type: LMF

Luster: SD
Denier: 2/4/6/10/15
Length(mm): 32/51/64
Melting Point: 110, 130, 150, 180, 200℃
Remarks: PET/PET