Different Type of Pillow Filler Material

VNFIBER will help its customers to choose the most suitable type of pillow filler. Each person have own requirements for their sleep. There are still many who experience sleep disorders, such as pain in the spine and neck, and so forth. This is usually based on the selection and the use of the wrong pillow. Pillows and bolsters are a couple that really determine one’s sleeping health. Here are some types of pillow filler you need to know:

  • Latex Filler. This type of filler is made of rubber latex. Latex material itself consists of 2 types, the natural latex (80% made from rubber sap) and the second type of synthetic latex (more than 80% made of synthetic materials). Characteristic of this material is hard surface and also flat shape. This type of pillow is suitable for those who have problems with the spine and neck bone and those who suffer from allergies due to latex-free mite.
  • Goose Fur Filler. This type of pillow has actually been introduced for a long time in Europe. The quality of goose fur filling is determined by the amount of goose fur that is loaded into a pillow or bolster. The more goose fur that is filled, the better is the quality.. But the weakness of this pillow and bolsters is can cause allergies and often become dust and dust mite and the price is expensive. But on the plus side, the pillow is very soft.
  • Foam filler. This type of filler is not popular.
  • Polyester Filler. This is a cost effective option for pillow. as it is cheap yet durable and abrasion resistance. More and more demands for polyester filler, especially recycled polyester staple fiber filler as more people get aware about environment conservation.
  • Kapok Filler. The disadvantage of this type is easy to become a mite and bacterial nest so that it can trigger asthma and other health problems.
  • Memory Foam Filler. The disadvantage is it takes a long time to to its original shape. This material can absorb sweat so it is very comfortable.
  • Fiber or Dacron Filler. This dacron is made of plastic fibers with a very fine size. Dacron material is easy to wash and anti mite. This is what makes a lot of people start switching to this one filler material. For dacron pillows that use microfiber fiber is generally a premium pillow.

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