VNFIBER supplies Vietnam hollow conjugated silicon or non silicon polyester staple fibers to an increasing variety of industries including hygiene, wipes, furniture, bedding, filtration, insulation, automotive and more.


Non Wovens

VNFIBER provides polyester staple fibers for various non-woven applications, including air lay, needle punch and wet bonding processes. Our various fibers are used in a broad range of end uses including blankets, automotive and filtration applications. Unique products include solution dyed, conjugate and low melt fibers.

Home Textiles

VNFIBER has been a leader in offering fibers meeting new state and federal regulations for flame retardency. Low melt / bicomponent fibers as well as our complete rayon fiber product line have been key ingredients to solutions for flame retardant applications in the mattress industry.

Industrial Fabrics

Our polyester and nylon industrial filament yarns are utilized in a broad range of industrial fabrics. End uses include marine, automotive, aviation and cordage applications. Our product line includes all types of polyester and nylon filament yarns in both first quality and off grade


Dry and siliconized fibers are available for both blowing and bonding applications for the furniture industry. Our product line includes regenerated fibers and virgin fibers in a variety of colors, finishes and cut lengths.

Specialty Fibers

Specialty fibers are based on a unique composition, weave, or technology, and are designed for specialized applications. Specialty fibers are used in a variety of industries and applications, including: aerospace, apparel or clothing, automotive and transportation, chemical processing, filtration, marine, medical and more. VNFIBER can source or partner in the custom development of specialty fibers. Our expert team assists in the analysis of fiber dimensions, properties, structural features, and applications.