VNFIBER supplies Vietnam hollow conjugated siliconised or non siliconised polyester staple fibers to an increasing variety of industries including sofa furniture, outdoor furniture, bedding stuff such as pillows, comforters, throw blankets, plush toys, filtration, insulation, automotive and more.

Polyester Staple Fibers (especially Recycled PET Fibers) are widely used in diversified industries like bedding, furniture, automotive, and other industrial uses. It is also used for fiber fillings (after carding process) in pillows, cushions, pillows, doll toys and sofa furniture. It can be used in spinning to make Polyester Spun Yarn which is then knitted or weaved into fabrics. Hollow fibers have soft characteristics that is why it is used in pillows and solid fibers are used in non-woven e.g. floor carpet, car-roofs etc. Hollow Siliconized fibers have the smooth finish while hollow non-siliconized fiber has a rough finish.

PSF thermal bond sheets are made by mixing regular fibers with low melt fibers (as binder), PSF sheets are available in different GSMs such as 100, 200, 250, 300 etc. These sheets are mostly used to make quilting, comforters, mattresses, sofas etc.

Home Textiles

Pillow / Cushions

Our polyester fiber products gives different lines of craft products: fiberfill, pillows, and batting for quilts, decorative pillows, pillow inserts, toys, and other products used by home crafters. The products are used by hand or machine quilters, …

The pillows produced by our fiber are of exceeding high quality and provide lasting comfort and resilience.

Mattress & Quilts

Our PSF products are used in mattresses, quilts and box-springs. Our customers are bedding suppliers, mattress fabricators, which include some of the largest and most recognized names in the bedding industry.


Viet Nam Solid Fiber 46792

Fillings (toys, cushion, sofa and furniture)

Recycled polyester solid fiber is one of the major products used for filling materials in an extensive range of products, such as soft toys, cushions, sofa and other furniture items.

Our Hollow fibers provide more firmness, and give a good resilience for cushions, pillows and sofas. Using recycled polyester fiber is cost effective and good for environment as well.


Viet Nam Filling Fiber 54


Polyester wadding made with our fibre provides a good loft, soft and can be used for clothing, upholstery such as jackets, quilts, sleeping bags, furnishings etc. Polyester Wadding is used as insulators, which are applicable in manufacturing quilt and jackets. Thermal bonded wadding has a wide range from 100 gsm up to 700 gsm based on customer requirements, which helps our customers provide a cost-effective and satisfactory solution.

Polyester Staple fiber is used in the wadding industry as a blend with either BICO low melt fibers or a chemical bond.

Needle Punched Fabrics

Needle punched non-woven fabrics are widely used in quilting, winter cloth, sleeping bags, car fabrics etc…

Our recycled fibers give good strength to needle punch fabrics. They are more economical than virgin polyester staple fiber or polypropelene needle punched fabrics. These fibres are produced in many dope dyed shades, for matching the carmakers preference on the fabric color.


Our Polyester PET Fiber products are used for blowing and bonding applications in furniture industry such as cushions, upholstery backing, spring wraps, and insulators. We offer leading furniture manufacturers and component fabricators a wide range of high-loft nonwoven fiber in the upholstered-furniture market.

Mattress Sofa Furniture



We offer industrial products that cover a wide variety of applications, each with unique specifications for a diverse market, such as automotive, appliance, industrial manufacturing and packaging materials. This end market, which is continually being redefined, includes products as; upholstery, paneling, hood linings, trunk liners, molded trim etc.

Polyester Fiber Application

Polyester Staple Fiber Application

Filtration Industries

Filtering non woven fabrics are used for air filtration, water filtration and oil filtration sectors. A filtration fabric made of regenerated polyester fiber is much cheaper and hygienic to use.


Performance of geotextile is commonly termed “durability” when it is used to making roads, pools and used in constructions. due to the good strengthen of our recycled solid non siliconized fiber, the fabric’s durability could be increased and give us a long life.


Automotive (Car)

Fabric made from Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber is present in almost all cars worldwide, due to it’s cost effectiveness and long life. It helps keep the costs low which get passed on to the customer and creates a good feel and finish to the car.

Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber Viet Nam Automotive