VNFIBER is one of Vietnam's leading exporter in polyester staple fiber industry.

We can provide hollow conjugated siliconized, hollow conjugated non siliconized, hollow fiber (non conjugate), solid fiber in different counts, colours and crimps to meet the needs and uses of its customers. From starting with our first polyester manufacturing site in the North of Vietnam, VNFIBER has strengthened its presence in the polyester fibers industry by providing global customers with innovative and specialized solutions to meet their evolving needs. Our fibers are OEKO TEX and GRS Certified.

Our production capacity is 4000 tons per month and carried out 24 hours a day for seven days a week which allows a great flexibility. Each lot is checked in laboratory to test its tenacity, elongation, number of crimps, resilience, bulkiness, thermal shrinkage, fibre length and other parameters.

Our polyester staple fiber is used as filling material for making polyester pillow, mattress, comforters, blankets, quilting, padding, wadding, plush/ stuffed toys, sofa furniture, outdoor furniture, automotive non-wovens, geotextile, automotive, special filters and much more.


VNFIBER's competitive advantages are its people and a variety of products, services and solutions it provides to customers all around the world.

Customer satisfaction is the core of our business philosophy and is in line with our fundamental belief in delivering products of exceptional quality to best meet our customers’ needs.

We are committed to delivering exceptional customer experience thanks to our business network in Vietnam. Our high quality products comply with GRS and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified.

VNFIBER helps customers maximize value in the global polyester marketplace. We place the highest emphasis on building strong and lasting relationships with our customers, providing exceptional service, and ongoing investments to expand our product portfolio to offer our customers the right product, at the right time, and at the right price. Our fibers products are delivered to many different markets

Vietnam Polyester Fiber Map VNFIBER


We are known for producing the finest quality fiber tested in our high-tech laboratory by re-checking our raw materials and fiber several times throughout the process to continuously maintain all the quality parameters.

Our highly professional team have to check the hollowness and rebounce rate. Thus, we guarantee that our final product in your palm hands is super-soft with high bounce.

According to the customer need, we can make the exact fiber that would be suitable for their production line. Although there are a lot of difficulties and challenges that arise in this industry, we succeed in satisfying customers by exceeding all their expectations.

Our customer base network expanded both locally and overseas owing to the quality, reliability and the competitive pricing. Additionally, we promise timely order delivery to all our clients, so they can manage their stocks more effectively.


We are Vietnam’s leading exporter in recycled hollow polyester fiber since 2017 and we serve more than 100 customers in 30 different countries from 5 continents.

We export our products globally to more than 30 countries with strong presence in USA, Canada, China, Brazil, Mexico, Western Europe, and various other countries.  Our polyester staple fiber products are trusted internationally for their world class quality. We pride ourselves on our proven ability to consistently deliver high quality products and reliable customer services.

We have established a global reputation in hollow conjugated siliconized/ non siliconized staple fiber as we has the state-of-the-art technology in producing those products. Our most demanded products are HCS 7D x 32/ 64mm, HCS 15D x 32/ 64mm, HC 7D x 32/ 64mm, HCNS 15D x 32/ 64mm. We always endeavour to provide you the best of services at all times.

We guarantee high-quality PSF, quick delivery; prompt feedback and our products meet global standards.


In addition to be a leading supplier from Viet Nam, we have our own professional team to contract other manufacturers of textile products such as yarn, DTY, spinning fiber, and other things like PET strapping bands, recycle PET chips and PET flakes, etc… across the globe as our  added value service to our customers around the world.

The process is like this: you tell us what you need exactly, and we will take care of your request from collecting raw materials globally, make production in our factories or our contract facilities. We take those time-consuming work for you so that you can have more time to spend on other things.

Our slogan is Professional – Customer Centric – Integrity.

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