5 advantages of polyester staple fiber you need to know

Are you considering using polyester staple fiber (PSF) for your production?

Whether it is virgin or recycled polyester, they all have 5 key advantages below. Also remember we can supply filling material HCS PSF made in Viet Nam at very competitive price.

5 advantages of polyester staple fiber you need to know

1. Does not warp:

Neither stretches nor shrinks. It has a resilience that other natural fibres do not have; for example, it does not wrinkle. This is why Lafayette Sports Stretch technology textiles are mostly made of polyester and lycra.

2. It can be combined with other materials:

As rayon, cotton, wool, nylon or viscose, increasing the quality of the final product and allowing a multiplicity of uses. That is why a company offers me a functional textile in which it takes advantage of the naturalness of cotton and combines it with the durability of polyester.

3. It is light:

This does not prevent it from being a solid and durable material.

4. Absorbs less moisture:

This allows it to repel fungus, mould and bacteria. This not only increases its durability but prevents the generation of bad odors, qualities that we have taken advantage of to protect technology.

5. Better absorb the inks:

Polyester garments usually have brighter and more durable colors and prints. For this reason, the offer of textiles for shirts, blouses and dresses, is composed mostly of polyester.

Both natural fibres and synthetic fibres have different characteristics and advantages; the main difference is the technology with which textiles are created, always taking into account the final use they want to give them

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