VNFIBER is one of Vietnam's leading polyester staple fiber manufacturer and exporter since 2017. VNFIBER provides recycled hollow conjugated fiber siliconized or non siliconized, hollow slick fiber, flame retardant fiber, hollow non conjugate fiber (mechanical crimp), virgin polyester fiber  and solid fiber. Our products are GRS and OEKO TEX certified.


Our polyester staple fiber is used as raw material for the production of several industrial applications such as pillow, mattress, cushions, comforters, padding, stuffing or plush toys, home textile, home furnishings, carpets, felts, non-woven automotive interiors and much more.


HCS Fibra de Poliester

Polyester Staple Fiber

Filling for bedding, cushion, sofa furniture, automotive, non-woven, geotextile and etc...

Hollow Conjugate Fiber Vietnam 2

Hollow Conjugate fiber

For filling pillows, mattress, comforters, quilt, stuffed or plush toys, padding jacket etc...

HCS Fiberfilling


Denier: 3D/7D/15D high bulkiness, excellent tenacity, good elongation and resilience



Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Fibers

We care about saving our environment by giving PET bottles and other PET wastes another chance to be transformed into a useful, durable product, which would otherwise go to a landfill and in turn, producing less emissions.

We strive to produce eco-friendly products through excellent quality control measures, we ensure the best quality of recycled polyester staple fiber. We do not only care about our business, we help shape our future.

We dedicate ourselves to bring solution to making our planet greener with plastic recycling. It is an efficient way to reduce the amount of plastic waste and to produce new profitable goods for everyday needs.


Thousands PET Bottles Recycled
Tons Output Monthly
Countries Exported
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Why Choose Us


We have our own factories to produce polyester staple fiber with state of the art technology


Quickness is our motto when doing business as we know time is money


We always listen to our customers so we can produce any orders as customized


Provide high-quality products and services for you at very competitive and reasonable price


We have many years of production and management experience to serve you better than the best

Quality Assurance

We have our own professional testing equipment and strict quality control system

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